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Welcome to, allowing contractors to track their jobs, work as a team, and make sure a job stays on track around the clock using digital job sheets.

What is a Job Sheet?

A job sheet (which can also be referred to as a jobsheet, work order, job card, service ticket, or repair report) is a page of instruction to aid a worker in performing a task or tasks. The job sheet outlines the task(s) required, and collects relevant information from the worker (e.g. asset information for the products worked on, timescales, etc) so that a concise log of action can be recorded.

How do you utilise AI? (artificial intelligence)

We use A.I. to personalise your job sheets - as a user, you can describe what fields you need in every job sheet, and we will generate a sheet fitting exactly what you need! Another area where we use AI to make the job easier in in-the-field diagnosis - when a contractor is collecting data on assets relevant to the job, they are presented with the opportunity to diagnose the problem based on the data entered.

Nothing demonstrates this better than an example - when adding the following asset:

Make: LG
Model: FWV1117WTSA
Error Code: OE

We are able to generate the following automated diagnosis:

1. Clogged Drain Pump: The OE error code on LG washing machines typically indicates a clogged drain pump. This occurs when objects like lint, coins, or small articles of clothing get caught in the pump. The clog prevents the washing machine from draining water properly, triggering the error code.

2. Faulty Drain Hose: Another reason for the OE error code could be a faulty drain hose. If the hose is bent, kinked, or damaged, it can obstruct the water flow and cause drainage issues. A bent or improperly installed drain hose could be causing the error to appear on your LG washing machine.

3. Water Level Sensor Malfunction: The OE error code may also indicate a malfunctioning water level sensor. This sensor measures the water level in the washing machine to ensure proper drainage. If the sensor fails to detect the correct water level, it can trigger the error code OE and prevent the machine from draining water efficiently.

(The model FWV1117WTSA is a washing machine manufactured by LG).

From just three pieces of data collected by the service engineer, is able to produce a breakdown of relevant possible diagnosis in seconds, pointing the tradesman in the right direction and aiding the contractor to complete the job in a fraction of the time.

Why do I need an app to track my job sheets? Why is it better than paper job sheets?

Traditionally jobsheets have been printed sheets, completed by a worker as they progress through the job. The app brings job sheets to the modern age, allowing the same functionality but recorded via a mobile device whilst in the field. Generate bespoke job-sheets that fit your needs precisely, be empowered by a full status tracking and assignment system that allows teams to work efficiently, and see updates to jobs instantly both in the field and in the office. With AI diagnosis enabled, can assist a tradesman to diagnose and repair assets in the field in a fraction of the time - beat that, paper!

What makes stand out compared to other online job sheet systems?

For a start, is slick! The app has been optimised for in-the-field use, prioritising optimal data entry via mobile and tablet devices, and easing the workflow that can become burdensome when just trying to get a job done.

The app employs AI to help diagnose potential issues field operatives experience when working on equipment in the field, improving on repair times and efficiency. makes team work a breeze, and brings incredible data sharing functionality. Changes made in the field instantly reflect in the office, and to any other stakeholders of the job.

Capture asset information such as device data, photos and data plates, and associate them with the job for instant access by other team members.

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